Tuesday, 13 February 2018


 Hola a todos/as
Quedan solo un par de días para inscribirse en las Olimpiadas Escolares 2018 (a través de este BLOG). A partir de el miércoles (14 de Febrero) se cerrará la inscripción , publicaremos las listas de seleccionados y para todos aquellos/as que os hayáis quedado sin plazas abriremos un nuevo periodo de inscripción para las plazas que han quedado vacantes.

Ya se ha hecho una primera selección de entrenadores. La lista está publicada en el BLOG (en el mismo sitio donde estaba la hoja de inscripción). A algunos/as se os ha cambiado de categoría por necesidad. Si no estáis deacuerdo con la asignación y queréis seguir participando hay que volver a inscribirse en la nueva hoja de inscripción de ULTIMAS PLAZAS.
Para los demás quedan pocas plazas para inscribirse.
Un saludo

Saturday, 27 January 2018

School Olimpics 2018

Good afternoon to everybody,
School Olimpics Las Rozas 2018 are just around the corner (11th April for 1st and 2nd ESO students and 12th for 3rd and 4th ESO) and we want you to know these dates and information to participate:

From 5th to 19th  (just 2 weeks) you will have the chance of enrolling yourself to some of the sports we are going to form, to take part in the competition. How?  On line here in this BLOG (Just look for School Olimpics 2018 just under the BLOG title). Click on that tag and read the instructions provided.
Fill in the information requested about your preferences and wait until the list of selected students are posted in the PE gym. Please pay attention to answer correctly all the questions because it is very important.
More news shortly
PE staff

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Ski trip Departure time and latest recommendations.

Hi guys, just a moment to tell you that we will leave from the front door (the door in front of Parque Paris) on Sunday 14th at 8.30 am. .

Message for families: please do not park cars in that area, we need room for the buses (3 buses)
also, be on time and do not forget AUTORIZACIÓN PARA SALIDA DE MENORES AL EXTRANJERO. We will take them from students whe they get on the bus.

See you soon

Monday, 8 January 2018


 Good morning to everybody, families, students and teachers... Happy new year 2018.
Just 5 days to go to Andorra, full of snow (basic elemente by the way) and with everything almost ready.
I want to remind you that is totally necessary to get this doc: AUTORIZACION PARA SALIDA DE MENORES AL EXTRANJERO. You can get a copy on the BLOG (SKI TRIP tag) completed with assistant teacher personal data or you can get a copy HERE.
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET IT. Students must have it in their pockets the moment they access to the bus to give it to us. Do not put it in the luggage.

See you soon.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Are you ready to skiing?

Hi everybody...... the counter on the BLOG says than it is only 26 days left to leave to Andorra with 145 students ready to have fun skiing and snowboarding.
Lots of hours , lots of questions lots of emotions and LOT OF USEFUL INFORMATION HERE
Please check it out !
See you soon.
Physical Education Team.